Increase value of the property

Property Styling

First impressions almost always turn into lasting ones. People make most of their decisions within the first 30 seconds of encountering new places and people. This is why property styling is crucial whether you are selling or renting your property, using it for business or entertaining guests. Canberra Home Staging team ensures that the best features of your property are highlighted to capture the attention and interest of your buyers, clients or guests. By using wide range of presentation and design techniques, we improve the look and appeal of your property to bring out its full potential.

After our careful and dedicated work, your property will surely stand apart in Canberra and draw attention of both people who pass by and those who browse on the Internet. As a result your property will not only look more alive but it will also gain an edge in a competitive market and maximise your profits.

property styling

Pricing Guideline:


2-3 Bedrooms, Combined Living/Dinning Area

$1,900 - $3,100

Furniture (lounges, side tables, ottomans)

Soft furnishings (linen, lamps, artwork, cushions, plants and decorative items)
For a 5 – week period.

property styling

Pricing Guideline:

Small House

3 Bedroom, Dinning, 2 Living Areas, Study, Alfresco

$3,300 - $4000

Furniture (which includes – lounges, side tables, ottomans, consoles)

Soft furnishings (wlinen, lamps, artwork, plants and decorative items)
For a 5 – week period.

property styling

Pricing Guideline:

Large House

4 Bedrooms, Dining, 2 + Living Areas, Study, Rumpus, Alfresco (1 or more areas)


Canberra Home Staging will provide the following:

Furniture (lounges, side tables, ottomans, consoles) and soft furnishings (linen, lamps, artwork, cushions, plants and decorative items) for a 5 – week period

Canberra Home Staging

Why do you chose us?

Canberra Home staging can assist you to prepare your home for a potential buyer. Through redecorating, rearranging furniture, cleaning and other aesthetic strategies we make sure to present the home in the best possible light. Our goal is to make your home as appealing as possible to the potential buyers. Our expert team will evaluate your home's current condition, make recommendations on how to improve its overall appeal to potential buyers and marketability, and then put those suggestions into action by rearranging the furniture, bringing in new decoration items or helping you declutter. Our service will directly translate into the increased market value - a recent survey revealed that styling your home could boost the final sale price by anything between 7.5% and 12.5%.

about home staging canberra

Home Staging

it helps potential buyers envision themselves and their life in the new house.


Display Home Staging

it gives house a look of “ready to move-in” which is something most buyers require


Furniture Hire

it’s easier to take beautiful photographs and market the house

About us

Canberra Home staging Team have many years of experience in real estate and facilities management, as well as furniture selling in Canberra. With their expertise, connections and knowledge of property styling and home staging, they guide, advise and support their clients in achieving the best possible results:

home staging


Decrease the amount of time that home spends on the market.


Increase value of the property and get higher offers.


Leave good impression on buyers, clients and guests.

Our Address

We also have a large inventory of furniture, décor, artwork and other items that can help your home look its best.

Services offered:

Home Staging, Display Home Staging, Furniture Hire

Address: 1/115 Wollongong street, Fyshwick, Canberra

Phone: 042 2338 751 0476 650 677



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